VIDEO: Reinhard Tega Ft. Koker, Loose Kaynon & Classiq – Mr Ayinde

VIDEO: Reinhard Tega Ft. Koker, Loose Kaynon & Classiq – Mr Ayinde

Hitmaker Reinhard Tegan was delayed Reinhard followed a wonderful strides to include Artistes on a tune featured without anyone to enter “Mr. Ayinde”, the introduction of a single one.

Mr. Ayinde tune about the persistence and courage while Hustling him at the top of the distance from the base. In the middle of the additional highlights Nigeria geniuses – Koke, Classiq Kayno message that each add their own unique variable zest and gourmet sound. Koke off the trap with the lower conveyance of course tinged croaky Maher shockingly took off very high enough to copy a murmur of relief after really necessary to succeed at long last come to stay. Free to abnormally quiet, intelligent and even a shift of lucid bars while Classiq enter everything up with m north Nigeria articulation with energetic tirade. Reinhard apparently is no divider bloom.

Mr Ayinde’s music is unmistakably Hip Hop sound-based trap set and keep above water with sleep inducing echoes that sounds like a music box Kingdom of urban music changed by magic, fingers and acceptable behavior in modern wavy honorability.

Mr. Ayinde’s speech, the drive and the inevitable victory is really necessary on a vigorously music scene.

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