Erigga – Yab Them (Before The Trip)

Erigga – Yab Them (Before The Trip)

While we suspect the arrival of the journey to the South, Erigga want to download a free-form titled ‘Yab Them (Before The Trip).

Yab Them is a way reminiscent of the way the style of large Fela Anikulapo use Yabis the voices to reprimand and criticize the oppressive government and security forces at the time.

With the spate of killing, disfiguring, organizers of similar provocations and young people in the South part of the community and individuals from fear of the Special Anti robbery team was SARS under claim for Yahoo Boys (Internet fraudsters), is originally a stand Erigga commitment to be the voice of boulevards to challenge the government when all is said in done, and special SARS. Thanks!

Download: Erigga – Yab Them (Before The Trip)

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