“Marriage Is Not For This Generation… I Want A Woman That Can Kneel Down & Serve Me Food” – 9ice

“Marriage Is Not For This Generation… I Want A Woman That Can Kneel Down & Serve Me Food” – 9ice

Nigerian indigenous vocalist, 9ice consequent to admonishing Nigerian youthful colleagues on marriage, went further to similarly express that honest to goodness social unions can’t be truly found among our present time as they are not as agreeable as they should be.

He in like manner talked about the news, or rather prattle that communicated he is hitched. The hip artiste says he is not hitched, has never remarried, and he is specifically single, he is not set up to mix.

The vocalist went further to express that people don’t grasp the marriage in this period, from this time forward his declaration that marriage is not for this time.

As demonstrated by 9ice, the nonattendance of convenience in the present time won’t make it plausible for them to stay married. With this declaration, it is okay to deduce that 9ice sees marriage in a to a great degree regular way and he assumes that there is a miscommunication between genders as people need the standard importance of marriage while ladies have made a 21st century definition, so to him, there has to another definition that obliges the prerequisites of the couple. They should make a definition that they can agree upon and work with rather than getting together under different thought and after that spend not as much as a year together. The marriage should be one in light of fondness rather than standard or family wishes.

To the vocalist whose gauge for marriage is his people, he’s looking for a woman that will stoop to serve him his devour, and he understands that the women in this period won’t do that due to “advancement” and the entirety of what they have been displayed to.

So all that truly matters for 9ice is; the place marriage is concerned, this period is lost and it will be it is conceivable that they backtrack their methods or find another movement to yield to and solidly walk together.

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